Friday, August 15, 2008

Travel from Chennai towards Pondicherry.

These are some of the pictures taken while driving down the ECR in December 2006. The first photograph is of the Bay of Bengal as seen from the car travelling on the East Coast Road from Chennai towards Pondicherry. This is a very scenic toll road that travels parallel to the coast.
Our first stop was the Crocodile park where we saw different species of snakes, alligators and crocodiles. We also witnessed the venom extraction by the Irula tribesmen. The photograph is of one of the Irula tribesman forcibly opening the mouth of the snake to extract the venom in the container (with the white top).
The fangs of the snake look menacing to put it mildly. Notice the bare hands.
The Cobra sure looks like a king with it's hood raised.
Just you look at my jaws.......and the teeth.
Don't go by our looks and reputation, we are harmless......