Friday, November 28, 2008


These are some of the photographs that I have taken while driving to/ coming back from work, of the flooding on Chennai roads. Chennai has been hit by bad weather for the last three days comprising of heavy rain and strong surface winds. The rains have created havoc in low lying areas. Most of the roads have become rivers what with high concrete boundary walls and dividers on most roads, the only easy route for the water to drain out are the roads. People of Chennai have to be commended to reach their work places inspite of the rain, and knee deep water at most places. Bus stops have been inundated and most people are walking around bare feet with trousers rolled up to the knees. The police are manning their posts and helping traffic navigate whatever is left of the roads - hats off to the police.

The Chennai municipality had assured everyone that they were ready for the monsoon but the arrival of the monsoon has once again proven that the municipality has no clue what being ready means.

Vehicles are found stalled on most roads due to water ingestion into the carburetors. Schools have been closed and there have been problems with electricity availability at some places. Our area though has not had any major problem.

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